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Protect Passwords, Don’t Just Manage Them: A Game Plan for CIOs and CISOs

May 15, 2023

When 921 password attacks occur per second,1 it’s time to treat everyday employees’ credentials like the true operational risk they are. In this piece, CyberArk Chief Information Officer Omer Grossman provides a CIO’s perspective on password-related risks keeping security leaders up at night — and how organizations can reduce those risks. 

Today’s attackers assign a level of value to workforce passwords they once reserved for privileged users’ credentials. Why? Employees now have a shocking amount of access to sensitive resources – often through the applications they use. What’s protecting those resources? For many organizations, the answer is either passwords or tools for managing them that lack controls and visibility.

In this piece, you’ll learn about best practices for:

  • Conducting a strategic assessment to uncover password-related risks and security gaps.
  • Applying enterprise-grade controls to how passwords are stored, shared, created and managed.
  • Creating a frictionless user experience that balances protection and productivity.

Learn more:

  • You can learn how CyberArk Workforce Password Management can give IT and security teams visibility and control while keeping your employees safe and productive. The solution is designed to enable enterprises to securely store, share and manage password-based credentials — while enforcing robust controls over business application access.
  • You can also request a meeting with a CyberArk team member to discuss your organization’s password protection needs.

1. Microsoft, “Digital Defence Report,” 2022

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