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Top Ten Considerations When Choosing a Modern Single Sign-On Solution

September 21, 2020

Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions are instrumental in controlling employee access to applications and systems. With SSO, companies leverage a central identity provider to manage user authentication and grant access to resources through a single set of login credentials. This enables organizations to improve security through stronger password policies, increase productivity with simplified access to all the resources employees need to do their jobs, and make it easier for IT departments to meet compliance requirements around access.

With over 20 single sign-on solutions on the market, selecting the right one can be a big challenge. For example, large organizations that leverage Active Directory with multiple domains must consider how well an SSO solution integrates with their existing directory infrastructure. On the other hand, smaller IT teams might need to focus on whether a solution’s self-service capabilities can reduce the volume of help desk requests.

This whitepaper covers ten key considerations that will help you to select the best SSO for your organization.

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