Secure and Isolate Remote Access and Keep a Watchful Eye on Activity

Many third parties, including vendors, contractors, consultants and service providers have authorized access to networks, allowing them to change, alter or impact the operational service of the target organization. These third parties often work remotely and require access for shorter periods of time. Remote vendor access is also inherently privileged –  remote workers need access to critical systems to manage data, patch or upgrade systems, etc., in order to do their jobs, which can be difficult for organizations to keep track of and assign granular access.

CyberArk® Alero™ is a new SaaS-based solution provides fast and secure access to the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution for remote vendors. Alero combines Zero Trust access, biometric authentication and just-in-time provisioning to provide remote vendors and organizations with a secure, easy and modern way to of accessing critical assets that are managed by CyberArk; all without VPNs, agents, or passwords. Until now, remote vendors have typically relied on a combination of VPNs, agent-based corporate workstations and password or token-based MFA solutions to verify identity and access critical systems from outside of the network. Unique benefits from CyberArk Alero include:

  • Implement Zero Trust access for remote vendors connecting to CyberArk Core PAS with Alero and provide access to only the systems they need to do their jobs.
  • Securely authenticate remote vendors via the biometric capabilities of smart phones without the use of VPNs, agents or passwords.
  • Provision just-in-time access to remote vendors in real-time without administrator intervention and delete users by policy when access is no longer required.
  • Full integration with Core Privilege Access Security for quick and secure access.
  • Provides a full audit trail and remediation capabilities for remote vendor activities.

The CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution delivers remote access controls, including proactive credential protection, privileged session isolation and real-time detection and alerting for anomalous behavior. This unique combination of remote access security solutions is designed to mitigate the risk of determined attackers exploiting third party users’ access to gain a foothold in the target organization. CyberArk enables organizations to effectively secure its most critical assets that are accessed by outside parties.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain visibility into the challenge of remote access control by scanning the network and identifying privileged accounts used by third-party vendors.
  • Put the control and management of remote access into the hands of IT by securely storing all passwords and SSH keys in a digital vault.
  • Reduce the risk of remote vendor credentials falling into the wrong hands by systematically rotating them and implementing access controls for remote users.
  • Block malware on a remote vendor or external user’s endpoint from infecting the network by implementing session isolation using a jump server.
  • Protect credentials from compromise from keylogging software and risky password management by never disclosing passwords to the end user.
  • Rapidly detect suspicious or malicious activity by monitoring all sessions through a single access control point.
  • Accelerate incident response times with real-time alerting for anomalous activity as determined by comparing all activity to an established baseline of typical behavior.
  • Streamline privileged account security by managing the end-to-end solution for internal and external privileged users from a single platform with centralized policy creation and enforcement and reporting.

For more information, please download the datasheet.



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