Privileged Account Security

Master Policy

Revolutionizing Privileged Account Security

Master Policy is a bold, new policy management tool that simplifies the management of privileged account policy. Organizations can, for the first time, manage privileged account security policy in a single, simple, natural language interface, and meet business demands by quickly and accurately translating policy into privileged account security controls.   

Policy can now be implemented in a matter of minutes raising the bar on a process that until Master Policy takes days or weeks.

Policy First: Aligning Risk Management with Business Objectives    

Risk management and compliance starts with policy.  Business requirements for privileged accounts need defined to:  

  • Minimize the privileged account risk to advanced, external threats.
  • Limit exposure to insider threats and misuse.
  • Meet the increasingly stricter demands from government and industry compliance regulations.

Accurate Policy Management, Quickly

Master Policy enables organizations to accurately meet business demands by quickly translating policy into privileged account security controls. Global policy controls can be set in minutes for the benefit of system administrators and auditors alike.  In addition, Master Policy easily accommodates exceptions to policy to address the unique demands of individual or groups of assets.

Simplified, Global View of Policy Controls

Because Master Policy sets policy in business language, audit and risk managers can easily view policy enforcement across their organization, through a single interface and in terminology they can understand.

Master Policy Highlights

  • Simplifies privileged account security policy across the enterprise.
  • Enables fast implementation of global privileged account security policy.
  • Allows for exceptions to be set for targeted asset groups.
  • Manages policy in native language.
  • Transforms business policy and procedures into technical settings.
  • Offers insight to risk officers and auditors alike.

Master Policy is embedded in the core of all of CyberArk’s privileged account security products, providing simplified, unified and unequaled policy management.