White Paper: Complying with NERC CIP Standards

WP-NERC-CIP-Standards-iconThis document provides information on how the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution can be used to meet NERC CIP compliance including NERC CIP-007 R5 Account Management and NERC CIP-005 R2 and R3. Here are some highlights how CyberArk addresses NERC CIP requirements and put the controls in place to centrally secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts to protect the organization:

  • Ensure accountability for every use of privileged or shared accounts
  • ƒSecure privileged credentials and sessions in a tamper-proof and patented Digital Vault
  • ƒCentrally enforce enterprise-wide policies and access workflows which are flexible enough to meet diverse business processes
  • ƒAudit and track every privileged account and activity with built-in or customized reports
  • ƒIsolate privileged sessions from targeted and sophisticated attacks without exposing the privileged credential
  • ƒMonitor every privileged session for context-based playback
  • ƒSecure remote access for external contractors with “over the shoulder” real-time monitoring