CyberArk Blueprint for PAM Success


The CyberArk Blueprint for PAM Success or simply the CyberArk Blueprint encapsulates CyberArk’s experience helping 5,000+ global customers, its experience throughout CyberArk’s Incident Response and Red Team which have been front and center in helping companies recover from some of the largest breaches of the 21st century, and its decades of post-sale implementation experience as the leader and creator of the PAM market.

The CyberArk Blueprint is a simple, yet prescriptive guide that helps organizations mitigate risk based on the most common attack techniques on privileged accounts, credentials and secrets and secrets by following three guiding principles:

  1. Prevent Credential Theft​
  2. Stop Lateral and Vertical Movement​
  3. Limit Privilege Escalation and Abuse​

This guide delivers risk-based advice focused to achieve risk reduction milestones across the three guiding principles, throughout the entire implementation of a Privileged Access Management program, and aligned to the latest digital transformation initiatives and the wide array of ways in which organizations are deployed, whether that be in fully on-premise, cloud native, or hybrid configurations.






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