CyberArk Global Advanced Threat Landscape Report 2018: The Cyber Security Inertia Putting Organizations at Risk


While organizations face diverse, dynamic and increasingly damaging cyber security threats, many remain hamstrung by inertia and uncertainty.

The CyberArk Global Advanced Threat Landscape Report 2018 is based upon a survey of 1,300 IT security decision makers, DevOps and App Developer professionals and line of business owners, across seven countries worldwide.

Key Findings

  • Nearly half of IT security professionals rarely change their security strategy substantially – even after experiencing a cyber attack – and a similar proportion say their organization can’t prevent attackers from breaking into internal networks each time it is attempted.
  • Half (50 percent) admit that their customers’ privacy or PII (personally identifiable information) could be at risk because their data is not secured beyond the legally-required basics.
  • An overwhelming number of IT security professionals believe securing an environment starts with protecting privileged accounts – but are not putting this knowledge into action.

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