Pass the hash detection using Windows Events


In this paper we will focus on detecting Pass-The-Hash attacks, after the credentials were stolen, via the event viewer.

Pass-The-Hash is an attack technique that allows an attacker to start lateral movement in the network over NTLM protocol,
in contrary to Over Pass-The-Hash which use Kerberos protocol, without the need for the user password. We will compare
between legitimate and illegitimate NTLM connections, we will show what indictors can be used to distinguish between
them and what we can conclude from that to build out an algorithm to demonstrate detection of Pass-the-Hash attacks.

CyberArk Labs created a tool (Ketshash) that demonstrate the detection methods that we will talk about in this paper. This
paper does not provide a 100% solution for Pass-The-Hash attack but it will show what can be done with the available tools
and how to create a general view of the NTLM connections over the network.

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