Risk Mitigation ROI: Building a Business Case for Cybersecurity Solutions


“Less than 10% of security professionals quantify the monetary impact of cyber security risk continuously”*

Security leaders often struggle to quantify and communicate cybersecurity risk in business terms, which leads to the lack of actionable metrics connected to the overall business goals of an organization. This is one of the primary reasons boards and executives fail to understand cybersecurity risk and invest in cybersecurity appropriately.

The 2019 study by CyberArk examines the current state of cyber security measurement and reporting, along with frameworks that help quantify risk and risk mitigation ROI.

Download Research Report to make data-driven decisions today:

  • Arm yourself with the data you need to speak the language of the business
  • Understand how to build a business case for cybersecurity solutions and prioritize cybersecurity investments
  • Quantify the monetary impact of cybersecurity risk to get the budget and resources you need


*The CyberArk Research Report 2019 “The Risk Initiative: Building a Business Case with Mitigation ROI”

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