February 3, 2023

Identity Security maturity is grounded in four tenets: Identity Security tools, integration, automation and continuous threat detection and protection. 

 We surveyed 1,500 identity-related security experts across 16 countries to explore the business goals that drive organizational alignment and technology adoption.    

What did we find? A significant correlation between the completeness of the four tenets and Identity Security maturity. Organizations on an Identity Security journey generally fall one of into four levels. 

Level 1 – Novice organizations severely lag in three of the four tenets. 

Level 2 – Aspiring organizations lag in two of the four tenets.  

Level 3 – Maturing organizations lag in one of the four tenets.  

Level 4 – Transformative organizations are the most mature with a near complete strategy across all four tenets.  

Results are available in our Identity Security Maturity Model report. Find out how your organization compares to our global survey respondents.  Download the report and take the assessment.

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