Can SaaS Deliver Nirvana for Overtaxed Security Teams?

February 7, 2023

Developers need, want and deserve simple security solutions that don’t slow them down. But, with each code breach and supply chain attack security teams find it increasingly imperative to secure the credentials and secrets used by all applications to access resources. It doesn’t get any easier when security teams face resource challenges and skills gaps. But are innovative SaaS based secrets management solutions the answer for overtaxed security teams?

In this webinar we will explore:

-How SaaS based secret management solutions can deliver on their promise of increased simplicity for developers and for security and operations teams

-Approaches for giving developers a native experience with solution such as Kubernetes Secrets and AWS Secrets Manager while giving security teams centralized management, rotation, and control of secrets

-Demos of new SaaS based solutions from CyberArk which get closer to delivering nirvana to developers and security teams

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