Solutions Demo: CyberArk Identity Flows

February 16, 2023

Sometimes, the biggest risk you face isn’t a new attack method right out of an evil mastermind’s playbook. In many cases, the threat comes from manual, time-consuming tasks that make it difficult to focus on protecting the enterprise.

Managing digital identities — which includes granting, adjusting and revoking authorizations — is essential. But it’s not easy when IT and security teams are:

  • Bogged down with manual processes, outdated technologies and silos across apps, directory stores and data repositories.
  • Overwhelmed by increases in workloads, hours, stress levels and of course threats — while resource and skills gaps continue adding pressure.

Watch this video to learn how CyberArk Identity Flows can help you overcome these challenges, with capabilities for:

  • Automating identity-related processes such as employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Eliminating manual tasks with no-code visual editors for building automated workflows
  • Orchestrating responses to security events based on real-time data on potential threats

But please note: This is not your traditional demo.

Join our co-hosts, Ana Meneghel and Jared Brodsky from the CyberArk Solutions Engineering team, who tell our story from a security team’s perspective. Their mission: ensure protection and productivity for Rachel, a rock star employee building apps in the cloud.

Learn more about how CyberArk Identity Flows can help enterprises bring a security-first approach to managing identities across their entire lifecycles.

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