Modern *Nix Security and Least Privilege, Presented by CyberArk and Red Hat

October 6, 2022

This year, the Linux kernel turns 31 years old(!), and a lot has changed since its inception in the early 90’s. Linux these days is ubiquitous, being the backbone of the Cloud, many IOT devices, and of course, a large part of the hybrid server estate and with great power, comes the great responsibility to ensure the most security without slowing operators down.

Attackers crave elevated access and enforcing least privilege is a foundational security control to prevent privileged attackers from gaining foothold across any point of entry. CyberArk extends an additional layer of security to enforce least privilege and centralize privilege escalation management in Linux environments with the recent release of Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) for Linux.

In this webinar, hear from Brandon Traffanstedt, Sr. Director, Field Technology Office, CyberArk and Cameron Skidmore, Global Partner Solutions Architect, Red Hat as they showcase how:

-CyberArk and Red Hat have partnered together to level up security across enterprise IT environments
-Common security controls can be applied to Linux systems consistently
-CyberArk EPM for Linux extends centralized least privilege to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
-EPM for Linux maximizes risk reduction benefits with minimal resources, allowing organizations to securely scale RHEL deployments to the Cloud and Edge
-See demonstrations in action: certificate signing just-in-time, centralized SUDOers management, and our favorite, mitigation of malicious behavior like elevated shell escapes

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