Practical Least Privilege: How to Build Role-Specific Rulesets and Stories from the Field

June 21, 2023

Most organizations recognize the need for least privilege but can stray off the path to full endpoint security after removing local admins, leaving points of access vulnerable for threat actors. How do you make sure your organization is fully secured without negatively impacting end user productivity and overall experience?

Join Andrey Pozhogin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager- Endpoint to learn about benefits of role-specific least privilege and how to stay on track for endpoint security.

In this webinar we cover:

  • How to lay the groundwork for implementing Least Privilege
  • How to start creating role-specific rulesets
  • How to approach Role-Specific Least Privilege rollout
  • Best practices, tips and tricks of Least Privilege implementation that crystallized from the experience that we acquired through thousands of EPM deployments
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