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Buyers Checklist: Security-First Compliance and Reporting

January 23, 2023

Ensuring and demonstrating compliance is a struggle for many enterprises. The work involved in adhering to rules and reporting requirements while avoiding penalties is growing, as employees gain more access to sensitive resources. 

Read our checklist containing vendor-agnostic recommendations to help you find identity management solutions with security-first compliance capabilities. As a preview, here are some areas covered in the checklist:

  • Creating a unified view of who has privileges and authorization to what resources.
  • Providing capabilities for discovering, adjusting, certifying and revoking access.
  • Automating processes — for example, ensuring access is reviewed and certified periodically.
  • Offering analytics and reporting with detailed audit trails and custom reports.
  • Integrating compliance tools with your overall Identity Security framework.

To learn more about CyberArk Identity Management solutions, read about our capabilities across:

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