CyberArk Identity Flows Now Available

November 16, 2022 Archit Lohokare

CyberArk Identity Flow is now available

The Challenges of Integrating and Automating Identity Management End-to-End

On average, organizations use 976 individual applications, with only 28% of those integrated[1]. In fact, one of the largest barriers to digital transformation is siloed data[2]. Many of these applications contain identities, roles, identity attributes, identity events and risk data and include their own business processes that run independently of one another. As the number of apps and identities increases, this is not sustainable; it’s no wonder organizations are hindered.

CyberArk has rapidly delivered several innovations to help our customers meet these challenges head-on, beginning with automating the identity lifecycle. Our Identity Lifecycle Management solution has helped automate joiner, mover and leaver use cases to streamline the business processes surrounding the employee journey. 

We also recently introduced CyberArk Identity Compliance, which drives stronger access governance and enables continuous and risk-driven discovery, review and certification of access rights across the organization. While these solutions have helped our customers better enforce least privilege and automate provisioning use cases, many complex workflows still require greater flexibility and stronger integration capabilities. We have continued to innovate to address that gap.

CyberArk Identity Flows Orchestrates Identity Workflows Across the Enterprise

We are pleased to announce CyberArk Identity Flows is now available, a new standalone SaaS offering that provides flexible identity orchestration and automation capabilities — quickly reducing complexity and eliminating manual tasks. CyberArk Identity Flows is an identity orchestration solution that improves security, efficiency and productivity by automating identity-related business processes, data management and event responses. With Identity Flows, organizations can automate complex identity management workflows and synchronize identity data across diverse applications, directory stores and repositories.

Identity Flows is easy to use — no coding necessary — and workflows can be built in minutes, leveraging a database with thousands of pre-built connectors to more than 700 applications through a user-friendly visual editor. Common use cases that can be addressed using Identity Flows include:

  • Enhancing lifecycle management. Integrate with virtually any publicly available HR application, keeping all identity data in sync across the organization. For example, when using Identity Flows, you can ensure that HR system-created users are automatically provisioned to other downstream applications and that access permissions are assigned and dynamically change according to that user’s groups and role(s).
  • Responding to security events. Leverage third-party risk data to automate a quick response to threats or suspicious behavior, enforcing least privilege automatically across the organization. For example, if a threat-monitoring tool notes a spike in a user’s risk score, Identity Flows can automatically initiate a response that removes or limits access for that user and notifies Information Security teams.

CyberArk Identity Flows is a key component of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, which uses a holistic, risk-based approach to securing the ever-growing range of identities that gain access to organizations’ most sensitive resources. Centered on intelligent privilege controls, an Identity Security solution enables seamless and secure access for all identities and flexibly automates the identity lifecycle with continuous threat detection and prevention — all with a unified approach.

To learn more about this new offering, please visit the Identity Flows web page.


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