CyberArk Identity Security Intelligence Activity Logs in AWS CloudTrail Lake for Enhanced Visibility and Troubleshooting

January 31, 2023 Sam Flaster

CyberArk Identity Security Shared Platform Services

Organizations looking to manage audit operations for security and compliance of their IT environments can now consolidate user activity events from CyberArk with account activity from AWS CloudTrail. CyberArk and AWS partnered to mitigate advanced attacks by rapidly collecting, detecting, alerting and responding to high-risk behaviors. CyberArk is an established leader in Identity Security, offering intelligent privilege controls to secure human and machine identities as they access enterprise resources. AWS CloudTrail Lake is a managed audit and security lake that lets organizations aggregate, immutably store and query activity logs recorded by AWS CloudTrail for auditing, security investigation and operational troubleshooting. CyberArk Identity Security Intelligence has integrated with CloudTrail Lake to increase visibility and responsiveness associated with targeted threats.

The Integration

CyberArk Identity Security Intelligence analyzes data collected from various sources and identities patterns to detect threats and high-risk activities, and AWS CloudTrail Lake empowers organizations with an aggregate and immutable storage of events recorded by CloudTrail. This integration enables greater visibility through Identity Security Intelligence events, as illustrated in the image below.

Integration enables greater visibility through Identity Security Intelligence events

CloudTrail Lake simplifies activity log analysis by integrating collection, storage, optimization and query in the same product. By consolidating these features into one environment, CloudTrail Lake eliminates the need for separate data processing pipelines that span across teams and products.

This integration enables you to capture and store every single attempt by every single privileged user to access infrastructure using credentials. Using CloudTrail Lake, you can then correlate and analyze this across application sources and environments.

This streamlined deployment of CyberArk solutions can help your organization be up and running quickly and securely. Visit  CyberArk Marketplace page for AWS CloudTrail Lake integration and the new AWS Cloudtrail Lake to learn more.

CyberArk Marketplace page for AWS CloudTrail Lake integration.

Get Started

CyberArk and AWS empower customers to follow the shared responsibility model, enhancing security without compromising productivity.  CyberArk is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, providing technical and go-to-market support. Check out CyberArk and AWS: Better Together for more insights. More than 15 out-of-the box integrations between CyberArk and AWS services are available on the CyberArk Marketplace to enhance customer security.

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