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January 31, 2023

Privileged identities, credentials and secrets allow anyone who gains possession of them to control critical resources, disable security systems and access vast amounts of sensitive data. But the notion of who or what is privileged is evolving. In fact, privileged users are no longer just IT admins: 52% of employee identities have access to sensitive systems and data that attackers can easily exploit. In this environment, every identity at any access point is a gateway to an organization’s most valuable resources. 

Attackers know all of this — making it essential to protect all identities.

CyberArk is the leading Identity Security provider, helping organizations secure access to critical business data and infrastructure, protect a distributed workforce and accelerate business in the cloud. Built on a foundation of intelligent privilege controls, CyberArk has evolved to protect against the leading causes of breaches: compromised human and machine identities and credentials.

Recognized for establishing the Privileged Access Management (PAM) category, CyberArk has expanded its capabilities to help organizations realize significant security benefits and operational efficiencies by consolidating vendors into a unified platform. Centered on intelligent privilege controls, the CyberArk Identity Security Platform seamlessly secures human and machine identities accessing workloads in environments from hybrid to multi-cloud, and flexibly automates the identity lifecycle — all with continuous threat detection and prevention to enable Zero Trust and enforce least privilege.

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