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Keeping Your AppDev Safe and Secure: The Lifecycle of a Secret

June 7, 2024

Your organization’s success depends to some degree on “secrets” — private pieces of information that act as keys to unlock protected resources or sensitive information as part of the application development process. Today’s application development involves a multitude of orchestrated, interconnected components like tools, applications, containers, DevOps and cloud-native environments. And according to CyberArk, “every application, script, automation tool and other non-human identity relies on some form of privileged credential to access other tools, applications and data.”

In this webinar from Red Hat and CyberArk we’ll explore the lifecycle of a “secret,” the challenges around managing and securing secrets in the cloud, and how Red Hat and CyberArk work together to manage, automate and protect secrets to streamline app development.

-Cameron Skidmore, Global Partner Solution Architect, Red Hat
-Uzi Ailon, VP of DevOps, CyberArk

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