CyberArk Success Plans

February 1, 2021

CyberArk is committed to accelerate and optimize the adoption of its solutions. All which helps modern businesses future-proof cybersecurity programs and be protected against advanced cyber threats. 

The CyberArk Success Plans are strategically packaged resources, guidance and expertise to help drive your business goals forward. There are three available success plans, and each include ongoing engagements with success managers, product update reviews, training and business reviews to help you achieve your defined goals.

In addition, each success plan provides you a set of success points to be exchanged for predefined outcomes to help you advance your unique Identity Security programs. Success points are a digital currency which makes it simple to access trusted expertise across people, process and technology domains. Explore the Outcome Catalog for more details.

You can also add the CyberArk Premium Technical Support to your success plan to get the ultimate experience. Premium Support customers’ get CyberArk’s fastest service level agreement and support a designated group of Sr. Technical resources familiarized with the needs of enterprise customers.

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