Three Ways to Secure Your Workforce Against Identity Related Attacks

February 7, 2022

Attackers know your workforce is more distributed than ever, across a variety of locations and devices. They also know your enterprise is constantly rolling out new applications, generating a flood of new credentials to secure. And, by investigating honest mistakes and risky behaviors among employees who use these apps, attackers are learning how to breach your organization’s now-limitless perimeter.

So how can we prevent these bad actors from succeeding?

In this video, you’ll learn about three workforce-related challenges that today’s IT and security leaders are facing, with insights on how to solve them.

Our experts discuss Identity and Access Management approaches that can help your organization in the following areas:

1. High-risk app sessions: As your organization moves ahead on key digital initiatives, your employees may be gaining access to dozens of new applications that allow users to view, change, export and/or share sensitive information.
2. Endpoint risks: Your employees may also have permissions to change high-risk controls and settings on their desktops and devices, which could lead to downloading unapproved software or falling victim to ransomware
3. Shared credentials: Meanwhile, your employees may also be sharing credentials to applications in insecure ways—think of a shared password to a shipping app used among an entire team.

The security challenges you’re facing are no doubt significant. But you can prevent attackers from exploiting compromised credentials and undermining everything your workforce has worked so hard to achieve.

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