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13 Ways to Improve OT Security

August 25, 2023

Operational technology (OT) made numerous cybersecurity headlines in 2022 and remains a favorite target for threat actors in 2023. OT security incidents can impair business-critical operations, disrupt essential services, and even threaten public health and safety.

Yet, despite the headlines, most OT systems are still not engineered nor operated with a security-first mindset. These systems are typically beyond the purview and control of security-conscious CISOs and CIOs – being designed, procured, and managed by engineering organizations that are primarily focused on meeting key business performance objectives related to system uptime and efficiency. 

Join CyberArk and PwC for a fireside chat covering best practices for strengthening OT security and improving cyber readiness, including:  

  • Championing a defense-in-depth approach to security  
  • Isolating the OT network
  • Securing privileged access for vendor, contractors, and remote employees
  • Removing hard-coded OT device credentials from applications and scripts 

David Higgins, Senior Director, Field Technology Office, CyberArk  
Lukáš Pavka, Lead Architect – Senior Manager, PwC  
Robert Sawyer, Senior Director, DevSecOps Solutions Marketing, CyberArk

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