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3 Easy Ways to Automate PAM for a Huge Impact

March 16, 2023

We are excited to partner with you on your Security-First Identity journey. Join CyberArk leaders and experts in our first episode in the series, 3 Easy Ways to Automate PAM for a Huge Impact.

Your Privileged Access Management (PAM) program is invaluable in protecting your organization from cyberattacks. You are undoubtedly keeping your business and its most valuable assets more secure by deploying PAM controls to protect critical accounts from compromise. But the pressure is on, and all eyes are on you — the security expert — to keep your program agile and protect against tomorrow’s attacks ... often with limited resources.

What if you could optimize your PAM processes through automation to free up time and resources, all while tightening security?

You may not be aware of the various ways you can make easy adjustments to your PAM program so let us share some ideas that are making a huge difference for organizations like yours! We can help you do more with less, strengthen zero trust and eliminate manual efforts.

In this webinar, discover automation for:

Ensuring privileged accounts meet compliance requirements
Make compliance within privileged accounts easier to manage without rolling out a resource-intensive IGA suite.

Managing privileged identity lifecycles automatically from HR systems
Get your HR systems and PAM program talking and in sync to eliminate manual steps and reduce the margin for error.

Automating tedious and routine PAM tasks or processes
Why perform the same time-consuming tasks to maintain your program when you can automate it?

Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your Identity Security strategy and increase the effectiveness of your PAM program.

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