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CyberArk Identity Security Trailblazers | Driving Operational Technology Safely

April 24, 2024

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, and operational technology (OT) environments are at the core of innovation, production, and efficiency – all to drive key business initiatives. At CyberArk, we understand that digitizing traditional processes might feel like a daunting task.

A weak identity security posture and unauthorized access to privileged accounts in OT systems can lead to production halts, safety risks, and financial loss. This emphasizes the necessity of securing every identity, both human and machine, with the right level of privilege and controls. CyberArk’s redefined Privileged Access Management (PAM) program easily safeguards your critical systems, identities, and operations.

Christian Goetz, CyberArk’s Director, PreSales Success and Oliver Schiller, Customer Success at CyberArk, and former Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing, share insights, trends, and use cases around manufacturers looking to improve their identity security posture while mitigating risk. Hear from Todd Bopell, Chief Operating Officer at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) as he shares the manufacturing industry's perspective on smart factories, digital production, and the need for cybersecurity. Learn how to protect sensitive operations from external threats and insider vulnerabilities when armed with:

The unique cybersecurity needs of OT environments
The evolving role of PAM vs. traditional IT security measures
Best practices for implementing PAM, including role-based access control, session monitoring, and just-in-time access
Future trends in cybersecurity for manufacturing

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