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Discover and Secure your Dynamic Attack Surface

May 18, 2020

Today organizations have dynamic security problems to solve, and they increasingly rely on trusted partners for optimal solutions. Rapid7 and CyberArk offer integrations to provide the awareness, assessment and actions that you need to keep your organization secure.

With a massive migration to “work from home” and critical servers and appliances being configured for remote management, the attack surface is growing and changing at an extraordinary pace. Having solutions that not only provide security, but do so without draining resources, is critical.

In this webinar, we cover how to:

  • Use attack surface monitoring with Project Sonar in InsightVM to identify assets connected to the public internet
  • Continuously assess your environment to discover potentially unmanaged endpoints and systems and automatically add them to be managed within CyberArk
  • Ensure complete, accurate and secure vulnerability assessment scans are performed
  • Take automated or manual actions to address potential risks


  • Justin Buchanan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, InsightVM at Rapid7
  • Joe Strickland, Principal Solutions Engineer at CyberArk
  • Andrew Silberman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at CyberArk

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