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Extend Secure Access with CyberArk B2B Identity

May 4, 2023

Now more than ever, an organization’s success is increasingly dependent on collaborating with other businesses. In fact, working with users outside your organization’s boundaries may be essential to your company’s operations. For example, you may need to work with business partners, communicate with 3rd party vendors, place orders with suppliers, or oversee supply chain operations with distributors. This means you must be prepared to securely share access to your company applications and services while maintaining control over your corporate data or face the risk of security breaches.

CyberArk B2B Identity is the latest access management solution by CyberArk that allows you to extend secure and seamless access to your SaaS applications for your business partners, vendors, and clients. Watch while we will demonstrate how to authenticate, authorize, and manage your B2B identities to govern and secure external access, mitigate business risk, reduce admin and developer costs and build scalable applications and portals. 

Follow along by downloading slides here.

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