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The Endpoint Security Gap: Are you leaving the door open to attackers?

July 12, 2022

Gartner projects that in 2022, Endpoint Protection Platforms will take the #1 spot in information security software spending, reaching $15.9B and will continue increasing gap with the second largest segment throughout 2026 reaching $29.2B.

Will this increase in spend result in a decrease in successful endpoint attacks? Historically, it hasn't been the case. So, what's missing? Foundational controls are being ignored, leaving open an endpoint security gap that means: If you are not managing endpoint privileges, you are leaving the door open to attackers.

Join this expert panel to discuss topics such as:

-How the current geo-political climate is exposing the endpoint privilege gap and what it means for security teams on the front lines
-The limitations of commonly adopted endpoint security software
-How removing local admin rights and enforcing least privilege on every endpoint helps shape the defense-in-depth strategy
-Tips for implementing and enforcing endpoint least privilege from a current CyberArk customer
-The benefits of endpoint privilege management, beyond enhanced security

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