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The CyberArk Blueprint: Achieving Privileged Access Management Success

March 12, 2020

Based upon decades of experience with thousands of customers worldwide, CyberArk has developed a PAM program maturity model called “The CyberArk Blueprint,” which offers prescriptive, easy-to-follow advice on how to achieve measurable and progressive results that reduce privilege-related risk, advance cyber security programs and enable business priorities.

A successful PAM program involves a proactive, phased approach that begins with rapid risk reduction and has a process in place to address the common attack patterns involved with privileged credential compromise including (1) credential theft (2) lateral movement and (3) privilege escalation and abuse.

In this webinar, we explain the guiding principles and key stages of the CyberArk Blueprint. CyberArk Blueprint offers templates and custom roadmap design sessions to enable organizations of all sizes to progressively expand privileged access controls and strategy.

Specifically, we review three use cases to illustrate how the Blueprint can be used and how we typically work with customers:

New PAM implementation: We focus on where to start, target results and execution.
Stalled PAM implementation: We identify common pitfalls in the early stages of an unstructured program and how to put an effective plan together.

PAM expansion & digital transformation: We explain how to do more with your existing platform. This may include expanding beyond compliance-driven projects to digital transformation initiatives such as adopting cloud, migrating to SaaS, leveraging DevOps and automating with RPA. Related topics include how to build internal support, aligning security controls to digital transformation efforts across hybrid environments and communicating goals and progress to management.
This session is particularly useful for a Security Architect, Director of Security Architecture, Director of IAM, Sec Ops Manager/Director and others.

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