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Thinking About Security AND Compliance? Think CyberArk Identity Compliance!

September 20, 2022

As your business is growing, your users need access to an ever-increasing number of apps and resources. At the same time, the risk of a data breach is ever-present and data privacy and other regulations are intensifying.

What should be your focus today: security or compliance? With CyberArk, you do not have to choose.

CyberArk Identity Compliance is a new CyberArk offering that bridges the gap between enterprise security and compliance initiatives by continuously discovering access, streamlining access certifications, and providing comprehensive identity analytics. Identity Compliance automates manually intensive, error-prone administrative processes, ensuring all workforce and privileged access rights are properly assigned and continually certified across your growing enterprise.

This webinar will explain the fundamental role that identity plays in securing access to your most sensitive data while ensuring your compliance efforts are a success.

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