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Top Cloud Attack Paths You Should Worry About

November 6, 2020

As organizations just like yours transition to cloud environments, so do the cyber criminals. An inherent lack of visibility across cloud environments and workloads is masking security threats, undermining compliance and governance and compromising the value of cloud adoption. Individual cloud vendors, point security solutions and siloed teams address just one piece of the puzzle, increasing the risk of misconfigurations and inhibiting the ability to prioritize the most serious threats. 

It can be overwhelming for security teams when organizations rush headfirst into the cloud without consulting them, putting data and processes at risk. 

To effectively mitigate risk, you need to know what bad actors are after. This webinar will guide you through the main compromise points and attacks paths in the cloud.  

You will understand: 

  • How attack paths in the cloud are different from the ones typical for on-premises infrastructure and resources 
  • The danger of privileged credentials compromise 
  • Consequences of each attack and how bad actors are using compromised credentials within your cloud environment 
  • The role of cloud identities and permissions in the overall cloud security posture 
  • Potential mitigation tactics and tools
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