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Vendor Privilege Access Management

July 7, 2021

As the remote workforce continues to perform essential business operations from anywhere, at any time, the rush to provide them with fast access to critical internal resources can lead to operational and security challenges.

Further, external vendors and third parties have unique circumstances that require specific workflow priorities that are often time sensitive and ephemeral. Adding users into AD & giving them access to other security software solutions to provision short term access is often more trouble than it’s worth, especially when users need to log into a system for only a few minutes or hours.

Join us for a 45 minute session on CyberArk Vendor PAM to provide external vendors with fast and secure access to critical systems managed within CyberArk PAM

  • Just in Time Provisioning for the exact time period that access is needed; minimizing manual efforts
  • Automate session audit, monitoring and isolation without affecting end user productivity 
  • Native Access functionality for SAML and Radius customers.
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