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Webcast: Privileged Access Management 101

June 24, 2020

As governments, organizations and individuals around the world grapple with unprecedented and rapidly evolving circumstances, opportunistic cyber attackers are making moves. Compounding the issue, most of us are simultaneously facing the gargantuan challenge of supporting and securing a newly remote workforce, moving customer communication, essential services and infrastructure to digital-only channels.

As the current situation unfolds, and once we are out of the crisis, it is still you vs. cyber attackers in the race to secure your business. This webinar will show you how to outplay attackers by changing the game where it matters most – securing privileged access. Our presenters will discuss how privileged access can be secured in a convenient, as-as-service way that matches today’s digital reality and business environment. 

Why is privileged access so important? Why are attackers inside and outside the enterprise zeroing in on privileged accounts? What can you do to protect your organization? 
These and other important privileged access security management will be answered in this webcast.

You will learn:


  • What privileged access is – where it exists across the organization and why it is under attack;
  • The anatomy of most common attacks on privileged access – existing and evolving attack vectors, privilege escalation, lateral and vertical movement; 
  • Top PAM use cases;
  • How to get started with a PAM program – key steps and best practices
  • How to deploy a PAM system in a remote environment

In this session, we also will:

  • Give you five compelling reasons for prioritizing Privileged Access Management;
  • Walk you through the process of locating privileged accounts across the organization;
  • Conduct a live technology demonstration so you can see for yourself the benefits of enforcing least privilege, rotating, isolating, managing, and monitoring the use of privileged credentials.
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