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Why Your Employees’ Passwords Need Enterprise-grade Protection

March 15, 2023

Attackers will target anyone in your organization with access to resources they want – including everyday employees and their passwords for business applications. Why? Any user can become privileged based on the resources they’re given access to, including sensitive data.

Many enterprises turn to single sign-on (SSO) to reduce password usage. However, a wide range of apps don’t support SSO or use modern identity protocols. To fill the gap, enterprises often use password manager tools designed for personal use, which present various forms of risk:

  •  These consumer-grade tools may be viable for start-ups or small businesses. But they aren’t designed to secure large, complex enterprises and lack controls and visibility.
  • They can also worsen risks caused by employees’ DIY approaches to handling passwords. In many cases, users can still save passwords in their browsers, a key entryway for attackers.

What’s the solution?

Read this whitepaper to learn about best practices for applying enterprise-grade protection to employee’s passwords. In the piece, Gil Rapaport, General Manager, Identity and Access, CyberArk, discusses four key areas:

1.    Security-first password storage and retrieval
2.    Safe credential management and sharing
3.    Frictionless — and secure — user experience
4.    End-to-end visibility for IT and security teams

Employees’ passwords should be protected with the same security-first approach that organizations apply to privileged users’ credentials. Meanwhile, the controls should enable a streamlined user experience. This whitepaper provides insights on how to achieve a balance between both areas.
Learn more:

  • You can learn how CyberArk Workforce Password Management can give IT and security teams visibility and control while keeping your employees safe and productive. The solution is designed to enable enterprises to securely store, share and manage password-based credentials — while enforcing robust controls over business application access.
  •  You can also request a meeting with a CyberArk team member to discuss your organization’s password management needs.
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