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Going Beyond the Perimeter: Strategies to Secure Your Workforce and Endpoints

May 17, 2024

Technological advances and remote work have drastically altered organizational security, rendering traditional cybersecurity controls less effective and exposing the limitations of traditional endpoint security stack. This transformation elevated identity as the primary security perimeter. 

As more than 70% of reported security breaches are attributed to identity-based threats, questions arise about the relevance of the perimeter concept in safeguarding workforce identities and endpoints. Today, organizations must embrace a security-first mindset that transcends the traditional perimeter, adopting comprehensive identity and access controls that span the identity lifecycle from login and beyond. 

Join our session to explore how to adopt the identity perimeter approach, the inherent risks in using traditional controls and the importance of a holistic IAM strategy in safeguarding workforce identities and endpoints that extend beyond the perimeter. 

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