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Guiding Your Leadership Team Through the Zero Trust Mindset

October 30, 2023

As with any trending topic in information security, there are many promises and discussions about how a given solution can address all of your problems. Simultaneously, respected organizations such as NIST consider Zero Trust a must-have strategy to strengthen digital services in a non-trusted environment like the Internet.

Separating fact from hype, what is the best way to consult your leadership team on Zero Trust?

From a business standpoint, leaders must consider that a successful Zero-Trust deployment will promote a more resilient environment. Also, implementing Zero Trust will enhance your organization’s security controls, driving your company to compliance with well-known regulations.

However, any change in approach to security requires coherent planning that will encounter some challenges:

  • Pushback from stakeholders who lack knowledge of the benefits of the change in approach to secure the organization’s environment.
  • Find alignment within legacy systems to apply Zero Trust. 
  • Prioritization of technologies to lay the groundwork for Zero Trust. 

In this whitepaper, you will find best practices and advice to help you plan your Zero Trust approach within your organization. Topics include: 

  • What is Zero Trust, and how might it benefit your organization from a C-Level perspective? 
  • What isn’t Zero Trust? 
  • Challenges that you may face in your quest to implement Zero Trust. 
  • A strategic plan for implementing Zero Trust in your organization.
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