Ensure the controls are in place to centrally secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts

Audit and compliance standards worldwide recognize the risks associated with advanced persistent threats. Once malicious outsiders move inside the enterprise, they immediately seek to hijack privileged accounts to exploit the anonymity and vast access these accounts provide. Since privileged accounts provide access to the heart of the enterprise, IT compliance requirements are putting a strong emphasis on privileged password management, including tracking user access, when they are being used and what they are being used for.

CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solutions are proven to help organizations meet the strictest audit and IT compliance requirements by putting privileged password management controls in place to centrally secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts to protect what really matters.

Key Benefits:

  • Remove the cloak of anonymity around shared privileged account usage to ensure accountability
  • Enforce an enterprise security policy around privileged account behavior which is flexible enough to meet granular audit needs (e.g. how often a privileged credential should change and password complexity)
  • Manage privileged users and control privileged account access to authorized individuals only and restrict rights based on “a need to know”
  • Provide a detailed audit report of all privileged account access and record privileged activity for audit proof and forensic analysis
  • Protect audit records in tamper-proof storage against unauthorized access, modification or deletion of logs
  • Automate privileged account lifecycle management




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