Proactively Secure Against, Spot and Stop Attacks Before They Stop Business


Risk comes from all sides. Determined, malicious “outsiders.” Careless or disgruntled “insiders.” Either one can wreak havoc since anyone who gains possession of them to control organization resources, disable security systems, and access vast amounts of sensitive data. Unmanaged privileged access is the common vulnerability in both cases.

Privileged accounts and credentials, including shared admin accounts like ‘root’ and ‘admin,’ service accounts and application identities can be “all powerful.” Privileged users can perform just about any function, and then erase their tracks when they’re done.

If you have taken all the right steps to block system vulnerabilities and protect critical data, the only way for an attacker to gain access is through privileged access.

To manage this risk, prevent the improper use of privileged access and protect your organization’s high value assets, organizations need to:

  • Identify and understand the scope of their privileged access risk
  • Proactively protect and monitor access to privileged accounts, credentials, and secrets
  • Automate privileged access controls
  • Isolate critical assets from malware
  • Control privileged access to critical assets
  • Monitor all privileged access activity at the command levels
  • Alert the security operations team to suspicious privileged access activity in real-time


Advanced Threat Protection

Secure the most critical attack vector

Remote Vendor Access Security

Secure, manage and monitor privileged access to meet MAS-TRM guidelines

Insider Threat Protection

Control and monitor privileged access to minimize the risk of insider threatsa

Cloud & Virtualization Security

Eliminate security gaps across public, private, hybrid cloud and SaaS environments

DevOps Security

CyberArk Privileged Access Security for DevOps

Unix/Linux Security

Secure Linux and Unix environments with a complete and integrated solution

Windows Security

Secure Windows environments with privileged access security

Industrial Control Systems Security

Industrial Control Systems – A High Value Target for Cyber Attackers