Secure the most critical attack vector

Advanced persistent threats are wreaking havoc across global enterprises. Cyber threats are better planned, more sophisticated and directly targeted at an enterprise’s most valuable core assets. They often target the credentials of privileged accounts due to the system wide access they grant with little ability for protection once access is granted.

Perimeter security measures are not good enough to protect against advanced persistent threats. CyberArk solutions offer advanced threat protection by focusing on privileged account security.

CyberArk’s comprehensive solution for privileged account security is purpose-built to provide complete proactive controls and advanced threat protection on privileged account usage.

Key Benefits:

  • Privileged account protection and strict access control with security as a forethought
  • Advanced threat detection based on anomalous privileged user and account behaviors
  • Isolation and real-time monitoring of privileged session access with policies, workflows and privileged single sign-on
  • Continuous monitoring and compliance with zero footprint session recording on target machines for forensic insight into malicious, command-level activity
  • Enablement of security operations and incident response teams to detect and respond quickly and precisely to potential threats and misuse


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