White Paper: CyberSheath Report: APT Privileged Account Exploitation – for Business Leaders

WP-CyberSheath-APT-iconCompanies of all sizes today face an unprecedented number of cyber attacks on their networks from organized, patient, and well-funded groups targeting specific information. Advanced, targeted attacks follow a common, multi-stage approach to breaching defenses, gathering and exfiltrating critical data.

Looking closely at the Advanced persistent threat (Apt) attack pattern reveals that the theft, misuse, and exploitation of privileged accounts is a key tactic in each phase of the Apt’s methodology. A privileged account is any login Id on a system or application which has more privileges than a general user. privileged accounts are normally used by system administrators to manage the system, as service accounts, or by applications to connect to one another. privileged accounts are pervasive throughout any organization, with some studies indicating that they are more numerous than general user accounts.