2015: Conjur’s Year In Review


January 4, 2016 | DevOps | joanna mastrocola

These past 12 months at Conjur have been nothing short of remarkable.  As we take a look back at 2015, we wanted to reflect on how far we have come, and how much we’ve grown.  Here are a few of our favorite moments and some of the milestones we are most proud of.

 A Year of DevOps


Andrew, Joanna, and Marta joined the team

We did some skiing, and Q1 planning, at the Bretton Woods Mount Washington Hotel.

We released our HIPAA Compliance Guide



Our Most Read Blog Post: SecDevOps: Can there be happiness in security work?

We published a guest blog post for Chef

The Ultimate Guide to DevOps Security was created.



Wes Joined the team

We moved into our new office space

Our CTO led a four hour workshop at ChefConf on Building Self-Documenting Applications

Released the Conjur 4.4 product update



We released our new Rest API documentation

We sponsored RSA and our CEO, Elizabeth Lawler presented “Is DevOps Breaking Your Company?”

Our Most Read Blog Post: Securing Heroku Apps

SDX Central wrote about Elizabeth and her talk at RSA



Josh joined the team

Our Most Read Blog Posts: Get Your Secrets Into Source Control and A Software Defined Firewall for Heroku

We released our Securing Jenkins Video



Alan joined the team

Summon, our open source project, was released

Josh spoke in London at DevOps Connect

Our Most Read Blog Post: Securing Docker with Secrets and Dynamic Traffic Authorization

Conjur listed as a top tool for DevOps in the Cloud



Mark and Mitch joined the team

The team headed to Las Vegas for Black Hat

Our Most Read Blog Post: Why Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Are Not the Same



We had some fun and team building at Escape the Room in Boston

Dustin Collins spoke about security at DevOpsDays Pittsburgh

In order to better secure Jenkins we released our Deployment Server Reference Architecture

We were named as one of Venture Beat’s most promising seed stage startups

Our Most Read Blog Post: Scaling Enterprise DevOps Security with Machine Identity



Dustin B. and Kurt joined the team

A few members of our team had a fantastic time sponsoring and attending DevOpsDays Boston

Our Most Read Blog Post: Secrets and Source Control: A Maturity Model

We created the CISO’s Secrets Management Checklist



Kerry, Matt, and our intern Ari joined the team

We threw a Halloween party in our office 

We released our all new User Interface

Josh Bregman taught attendees at Puppet Conf how to use Puppet with a secrets server

Conjur 4.5 was officially released

Elizabeth headed to New York to participate in a security panel at Velocity Conference.

We sponsored DevOps Enterprise

We were featured as Network World’s Product of the Week



Virginia joined the team 

Box chooses Conjur as it’s comprehensive security platform

Our Most Read Blog Post: Everyone’s Using Docker Now It’s Time to Secure It



We hosted our Conjur Holiday Party

Our partnership with SSH Communications Security began

Rafal guest blogged for Puppet Labs: Using Node Side Secrets with Conjur

We released our data breach infographic – The Unlucky 13: 2015’s Biggest Breaches

We have learned so much from all of our customers this year and are sincerely looking forward to everything we have on the horizon for 2016. Stay tuned for new product features and check out our blog regularly for helpful guides and key takeaways on security. We can’t wait to continue interacting with you on social and chatting with you at the many conferences and events we will be attending in the coming months. Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy New Year! 





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