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September 4, 2014 | DevOps | Kevin O'Brien


Cloud Authorization with Conjur

Conjur was made for DevOps; so much so we’ve been featured in a article on! Tony Bradley, founder of Bradley Strategy Group and well-known technical authority, spoke with Kevin O’Brien, founding member at Conjur, about how Conjur works in the DevOps sphere.


Moving into the cloud can be complicated, with technological issues that cross the authorization management and authentication spaces. Conjur can help solve these problems with its API-backed virtual appliance, built in the cloud, for the cloud. Conjur helps businesses with their cloud authorization, secret, and key management, including authorization of all users (human and machine alike), and how it replaces legacy tools unfit for the clouds, all while helping DevOps to automate their infrastructure.

Read on to learn what Tony and Kevin had to say about Conjur!



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