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August 7, 2014 | DevOps | Kevin O'Brien


AWS Hacked? Not quite.

When Code Spaces went down in less than 48 hours, it was a big hit to the cloud technology sphere. Was AWS hacked? Not quite.

Code Spaces’ AWS account was compromised first via a DDoS attack; they were blackmailed in an attempt to get them to pay to have their account access restored, and when they tried to retake the account the attacker maliciously deleted Code Spaces’ and their clients’ data, leading to a complete and permanent shutdown of Code Spaces.


We wrote about the Code Spaces situation shortly after the data was released. We stressed the need for least privilege as the base for cloud infrastructure, segmentation of data, and simple access intelligence controls.

On August 7, our own Kevin O’Brien will be joining HackSurfer to do a live hangout Q&A regarding Code Spaces, DevOps, the Cloud, and Infosec. Please join us! You can watch live (August 7th, 1:00-1:30pm EST) by signing up on the HackSurfer page, or any time afterwards from the HackSurfer archives.

We look forward to hearing from and chatting with you!





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