New Conjur API Documentation Released


November 10, 2015 | DevOps | Dustin Collins


Today we’re excited to announce the release of our new  API documentation.


We hope the improved content, as well as user experience, will help you leverage Conjur in many different ways going forward.

Conjur Releases New API Documentation

Why we did it:

  1. All API routes are now documented.
  2. There is now an example for every route, showing a real-world use case.
  3. Routes are now more easily discoverable and linkable.
  4. Documenting our API in a standard spec (API Blueprint) allows us to easily generate Conjur client tooling for any language you require.

Additionally, soon you will be able to make API calls to your Conjur install directly from the API docs. Debugging and learning the API will be much easier.

Check out the API documentation and please feel free to share any feedback in the comments section below.





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