Webcast: DevOps, Security, and Compliance – No BS Edition


June 28, 2016 | DevOps | Andy Ellicott


Join us for a live webcast Wednesday June 29 at 2PM eastern on securing your DevOps pipeline.

Security_for_the_DevOps_Toolchain.pngHigh-performing organizations deploy code continuously – 30x more often with 50% fewer failures.

What about continuous security?

Speed helps to boost an enterprise’s productivity, profitability, and market share. To keep innovation and speed in an upward trajectory, DevOps teams use the latest tools and processes to scale. But many of these tools lack information security best practices to the dismay of security and compliance teams.

Elizabeth Lawler demonstrates how to bring DevOps, security, and compliance teams together, bridging this gap and forging a secure infrastructure for your company.Topics:

  • Getting DevOps, Security & Compliance on the same page
  • Meaningful security & compliance metrics
  • Access policies & enforcement for code, machines, and people
  • Ensuring a full audit log for compliance
  • Tales from the wild – how DevOps leaders succeed with these practices




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