Dynamic Privileged Access

Provision Just-in-Time (JIT) privileged access. Reduce risk for operational access to hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

Dynamic Privilege Access

Complete privileged access management

Enable operational efficiencies with unified privileged access management for standing and Just-in-Time access.

Secure system and break-glass accounts with Privileged Access Manager. Leverage Dynamic Privileged Access* for operational access. Implement least privilege access and Zero Trust initiatives.

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Just-in-Time access

Drive measurable risk reduction and minimize standing privileges with JIT provisioning

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Native, secure connections

Seamless user experience with admins’ preferred RDP or SSH clients

Enable PAM Efficiencies

Enable PAM efficiencies

Rapid deployment and integration with CyberArk Identity Security Platform

Reduce standing privileged access risk

Strengthen your PAM program with Just-in-Time operational access.

JIT provisioning

Admins initiate isolated connections with their preferred RDP and SSH clients. After users are authenticated, Dynamic Privileged Access ensures the user is authorized and then creates ephemeral, time-bound access on the target Virtual Machine or server.

Just-in-Time Provisioning

Attribute based access control

Operational access is allowed only at specific times and specific session durations using attribute-based access control (ABAC) policies. Organizations can securely and intelligently provision JIT access based on business context.

Secures More, Costs Less

Zero agents or VPNs

Dynamic Privileged Access is a non-intrusive, agentless solution for Just-in-Time access. The service brokers secure, ephemeral connections across both private networks on-premises and in the cloud – all without the need for VPNs.

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Strong, risk-aware MFA

Enforce adaptive Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to validate access attempts for each specific identity. Leverage behavioral analytics to extend Identity Security and progress Zero Trust initiatives.

Enable Strong Authentication

Reduce operational footprint

Dynamic Privileged Access lightens the load on Privileged Access Manager servers providing Session Management, improving performance and lowering overhead.

Integrate with Compliance Tools

Complete privileged access protection

Implement Zero Trust with intelligent privileged controls for standing and Just-in-Time privileged access.

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Reduce standing
access risk
DPA Resource

Just-in-Time access for Identity Security in the public cloud

Reduce risk and enable operational efficiencies with JIT privileged access for AWS and Azure.


Learn how to secure Just-in-Time privileged access.

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Minimize standing privileges and reduce cyber-risk

Provision privileged access Just-in-Time

Implement least privilege for Zero Trust initiatives

Extend Identity Security to the public cloud

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