Webinar: Privileged Account Exploits Shift the Front Lines of Cyber Security

Webinar-ShiftFrontLines-iconCyber Threat Investigators Discuss Privileged Account Vulnerabilities Found in Most Serious Security Breaches

CyberArk’s newest threat research provides an expert’s vantage point into targeted cyber attacks by tapping into the experiences of seasoned threat investigators renowned for detecting, analyzing and remediating serious cyber security incidents.

Listen now to the special panel discussion as a team of cyber security experts from CyberArk, Deloitte, Mandiant and Verizon talked about the pivotal role that privileged accounts play in the vast majority of today’s most dangerous, advanced attacks.

Discussed were the six major findings from CyberArk’s threat research, and our panelists shared stories from the front lines, including tactics used in incidents that are not publicly reported.

Featured Speakers:

  • John Worrall, Chief Marketing Officer, CyberArk
  • Jim Aldridge, Senior Manager, Mandiant
  • David Ostertag, Global Managing Principal, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  • Michael Weil, Director, Computer and Cyber Forensics Leader, Deloitte Financial Advisory Service LLP
  • Timothy Spiker, Senior Manager, Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP