Protecting the Grid: Addressing NERC CIP Requirements for Securing Privileged Access


The NERC CIP standards were introduced to protect the electric utilities generation and transmission systems of the electric grid. The standards contain cyber, physical and organizational measures that must be implemented by the electric utilities in order to protect the electric grid in North America.
With CyberArk, electric utilities can put the solutions in place to meet the NERC CIP requirements for privileged access control, remote access management and access revocation.  Read this white paper to learn how CyberArk solutions map to these specific NERC CIP requirements:

  • CIP-007-6 R5 – Systems Security Management – Access Control
  • CIP-007-6 R3 – Malicious Code Prevention
  • CIP-005-5 R2 – Electronic Security Perimeter(s) – Interactive Remote Access Management
  • CIP-004-6 R5 – Personnel & Training – Access Revocation

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