Bridging the Cyber Divide: Episode 5 – Critical connections

March 2, 2021

We have become accustomed to the proliferation of data enabled devices, but when this relates to critical infrastructure (water, electricity, telecommunications) whilst 5G starts to supercharge the amount and speed of the data that is both generated and shared, how do we ensure we are really securing critical infrastructure, and what does this look like? 

Lani Refiti, Co-Founder and CEO at IoTSec Australia and Jeffery Kok, VP of Solution Engineers at CyberArk discuss the rapid expansion of IoT capability in Australia, as well as the arrival of 5G, is bringing unprecedented opportunities in harnessing real time data in everything from manufacturing to agriculture, but with the sharing of this data, and the opportunities, the question regarding securing critical infrastructure remains key to under pinning the successful implementation of critical connections.

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Securing the Software Supply Chain

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