Don’t Just Manage Identities. Secure Them! Understanding CyberArk Identity Security! How to Apply It Across Your Organization

November 29, 2022

As a security professional, you’re expected to protect the enterprise, while enabling maximum productivity. Meanwhile, attackers continue to target your most valuable assets – the identities that access the most critical applications and systems across your organization.

Identity Security seamlessly secures access for all identities and flexibly automates the identity lifecycle with continuous threat detection and prevention — all with a unified approach.

But what really is Identity Security? How does it work? And how can it help you?

Identity Security Explained

CyberArk’s approach to Identity Security combines key categories such as Access Management and Privileged Access Management within a single, unified platform that applies privilege controls across the board.

The goal: comprehensive protection for every form of identity, from third-party vendors and workforces to DevOps teams and automated workflows.

Join Chris Maroun, Sr. Director, CyberArk Field Technology Office, to learn about:

- CyberArk’s holistic Identity Security model that secures all types of identities in environments such as hybrid and multi-cloud
- Examples of how the CyberArk Identity Security Platform protects specific types of identities in your enterprise as they access sensitive resources
- How to implement an Identity Security strategy using a phased approach that meets your organizational needs today, while planning for tomorrow.

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