New Capabilities Added to SaaS Solutions: CyberArk Secrets Hub and CyberArk Conjur Cloud

February 13, 2024 Chris Smith

CyberArk Secrets Hub

New Discovery Capability for AWS Secrets Stores 

CyberArk Secrets Hub now has a new dashboard with summaries of scanned AWS secrets and insights on AWS secret stores, sync policies, external and unmanaged secrets, etc. Insights include when the secrets are last used, whether idle and unused, and when secrets were last rotated. Secrets can also be filtered based on AWS Tags and other parameters.

CyberArk Secrets Hub

automatically scan secrets

Secrets Hub can now also automatically scan secrets stores every 24 hours.

Learn more about discovery capabilities in Secrets Hub What’s New and the updated Secrets Hub Solution Brief.

Tutorials for Automating Common Workflows 

CyberArk Secrets Hub adds new tutorials for automating common workflows such as for creating a secrets store using PAM Self-Hosted, or for creating an Azure Secrets Store.

Learn more about automation tutorials in the Secrets Hub What’s New.

High Availability Support for PAM Self Hosted Configurations

CyberArk Secrets Hub offers high availability support for configurations with CyberArk PAM Self-Hosted. Customers with existing configurations to CyberArk PAM Self-Hosted using a single connector can switch to working with the default connector pool by editing their source secret store using REST APIs.

Learn more about high availability with CyberArk PAM Self-Hosted in the Secrets Hub What’s New.

Support for Connector Management Agent Proxy

The Connector Management Agent can be run on a Connector machine that is configured to connect to the internet through a proxy. The proxy address can be either DNS or IP address and port.

Note, this new capability is most relevant for customers using PAM Self-Hosted as a source secret store. 

Learn more about the Connector Management Agent proxy in the Secrets Hub What’s New.

Note, new capabilities are frequently added to CyberArk Secrets Hub, please check the Secrets Hub What’s New for the latest updates.

CyberArk Conjur Cloud

New Support for Dynamic Secrets 

CyberArk Conjur Cloud adds support for Dynamic Secrets in addition to robust secrets rotation capabilities. This combination of secrets capabilities offers increased flexibility for developers and security teams while reducing the risk of compromised secrets with Conjur. 

Secrets rotation and dynamic secrets are two different secrets management approaches which each address different use cases.

Secrets rotation is ideal for long-lived applications or when the user account needs to exist for a long amount of time for compliance and audit reasons. However, the secret is automatically rotated with this approach to prevent theft and unwanted access.  

Dynamic Secrets are ideal for cloud-native environments, container orchestration platforms, microservices architectures and scenarios where only temporary access is needed because the user will only exist for a short amount of time, or they will only need access for a limited amount of time. The credentials are dynamically created (JIT) and only intended to exist for a short amount of time. 

Learn more about Dynamic Secrets in the Conjur Cloud What’s New. 

SOC2 Certification

CyberArk Conjur Cloud is now SOC 2 certified with no exceptions. SOC2 (Service Organization Control Type 2) is a widely used global cybersecurity compliance framework. 

For more information on SOC 2 Compliance, see the Conjur Cloud What’s New.

CLI Enhancements 

CyberArk Conjur Cloud CLI (Command Line Interface) now supports traffic routing through an explicit HTTP/HTTPS forward-proxy server.  

For more information on the CLI enhancements, see the Conjur Cloud What’s New.

Note, new capabilities are frequently added to Conjur Cloud, please check the Conjur Cloud What’s New for the latest updates.

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